Green Involvement

Crown Cleaners believes that it has an important role in helping protect our environment. We have implemented several measures over the past ten years to reduce, reuse, and recycle so as to lessen our carbon footprint. These measures have included:


  • Eliminated the use of perchloroethylene at the end of 2012

  • Encourage our customers to return any steel or plastic hangers in good condition so we can reuse them

  • Implement internal recycling programs within our building to recycle our plastic bottles and containers, our aluminum cans and most of all, our cardboard boxes that we receive our supplies in

  • The installation of high efficiency washing machines for use in our wet-cleaning department which has reduced our water consumption by more than 70%

  • Switching to non-phosphorus detergents where possible to reduce the impact on our waste water

  • Encouraging the use of convertible garment bags that are used when returning customer clothes instead of the traditional plastic (poly) bags

  • Switched most of our marketing to email/web based and customer monthly statements to email to reduce our paper consumption

  • Use as many reusable/recycled products as possible in our packaging (hangers, plastic collar tabs, plastic poly bags, convertible garment bags, etc.)