Crown Cleaners is your full-service source for all your clothing care needs. Call us for convenient pickup and delivery service, unsurpassed dry cleaning and laundry, and top-quality alterations. Our alterations professional has more than 25 years’ experience in alterations and can give your clothes the professional tailoring they deserve.

General Price List as of September 2022

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Prices



Shirt – Hang $3.70
Shirt – Fold $4.20
Docker Style Pants $8.45
Blazer/Sport Coat $8.60
Slacks (Polyester) $8.45
Slacks (Cotton) $8.45
Slacks (Silk) $9.75
Knit/Golf Shirt $5.35
Dress (Cotton) $15.70
Dress (Silk) $17.00
Skirt (Cotton) $8.00
Skirt (Silk/Linen) $9.30
Blouse $8.70
Dry Cleaned Shirt (Cotton) $8.70
Dry Cleaned Shirt (Silk/Linen) $10.00
Sweater $8.70

These are basic prices. There are special handling charges for those garments which are lined, contain silk and/or linen, have beads or sequins, and/or have pleats.

Prices are determined by how much labor it takes to finish (press) a garment, not necessarily on how it is cleaned. Hence, men’s shirts are finished on a machine and ladies’ blouses, which normally do not fit on a machine, are usually finished by hand.

We make every attempt to machine finish garments whenever possible. We only hand finish garments at our discretion, if we feel that damage will occur during machine finishing.