Recently Crown Cleaners unveiled a new feedback program called ReviewMyDryCleaner.  The folks at Kona Cleaners in California developed this software a few years ago that allows current customers of a cleaner to give almost instant feedback to the cleaner on how they performed.  The way this is done is by emailing the customer once they pick up an order from Crown.  In the email, the customer is given a few options on how to rate the cleaner and if they want to post their review to social media websites.  Of course, this can only happen if the cleaner has collected the customers’ email address and entered it into their software.

There are a few objectives for a cleaner in implementing the ReviewMyDryCleaner program.  The obvious objective is for the valuable insight on the many facets of the business that is provides.  The quality of cleaning, spot removal, pressing, packaging and customer service feedback are just a few of the things that a cleaner is looking for.  Turn-around time, communication and value or pricing are some of the others.

Because social media is playing such a big part in how a consumer chooses to spend their money, drycleaners have been a little late to the table.  Not anymore.  The ReviewMyDryCleaner software automatically posts the reviews it receives to social media sites such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and to the cleaners’ own website.  The reviews, good, bad or indifferent, get posted.  The reviews provide critical feedback to the cleaner to make changes to improve their services.  The emails also serve as an opportunity to keep the lines of communication open between the customer and the cleaner.  The logic built into the software prohibits the customer from getting too many emails to review the cleaner as well.

Crown Cleaners is looking forward to this program and the feedback.  We’ve received several reviews already and it has provided us an opportunity to improve upon, what we think, is an already great service.  Even with the complementary reviews, we’ve learned a valuable lesson – we all can use improvement!