The kids are back in school, and for many families that means a sudden bombardment of fundraisers. Your evenings and weekends are filled with commitments such as attending (and maybe organizing) the football team’s pancake breakfast, selling coupon books to everyone you know, and scrubbing tires at the band’s car wash. As a father of school-aged children, I know how quickly these activities accumulate, eating up valuable family time and, quite often, money.

Did you know Crown Cleaners offers an easy way to donate funds to your favorite program?

Crown for the Classroom is a fundraising alternative that requires little additional investment of your time or money. The program is a way for me to partner with local schools and organizations, but it also allows our customers to “give back” to their favorite school, club, or nonprofit. All you have to do is submit the completed form in this brochure to either Crown Cleaners locations, and we’ll donate 5% of all of your pre-tax sales to your school or organization. Important things to note:

1. The sooner you sign up, the sooner funds begin to accrue and more money will be donated! Completed forms need to be submitted when you drop off your dry cleaning in order for that particular transaction to be included in the donation. Previous transactions are not included in the donation, so be sure to sign up at your next visit.

2. Customers who take advantage of our free pickup and delivery service can also participate in Crown for the Classroom.

3. Donations will be made at the end of every semester (or every 120 days if your funds are being donated to an organization that isn’t associated with a school).

4. Unlike other programs of this type, you only have to sign up once – not at the beginning of every school year. You can always change the school or organization receiving your donations or stop donations altogether.

Still have questions? Check out the this brochure or call 865-438-5222.


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